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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the A1 Taxis FAQ section. Can’t see what you’re looking for?

Please contact us at and we’ll be happy to help.

  • How can I book a taxi?
    Please call our office on 01271 322 922. If our office is closed, you can the book online, or download our App.
  • Can I leave a review or compliment a driver?
    Certainly! We really value your feedback. Please leave your review with any or all of these options: Visit the A1 Taxis Google Page and click on the Reviews tab. Visit the A1 Taxis Facebook Page and click on the Reviews tab. If you would like to contact us privately, please email us at or use the Chat feature on our website.
  • Does A1 Taxis have a Facebook page?
    Yes! You can find us at Follow us for the latest updates from A1 Taxis!
  • Can I book a taxi at short notice?
    You are welcome to contact us at anytime. Please bear in mind that we might not always be able to get a taxi to you quickly, especially during peak periods. If you have an upcoming appointment or need to be somewhere important at a specific time, we recommend booking a day or more in advance if you can.
  • How far in advance should I book my taxi?
    You can book a taxi at any time and we will always send one to you if available. If you need a taxi to attend an appointment, an event, or anything else that is important or time critical, we recommend pre-booking at least a day or two in advance. The same applies if you are looking to travel at peak periods, or very early/late in the day. If it's really important (e.g. catching a flight, or attending surgery), please book five days or more in advance.
  • When is your office and waiting room open?
    We are now open 24/7 all year round. This includes Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and all public holidays.
  • Can I book a wait & return trip?
    If it's a quick stop (for example, to drop off your child at nursery or school), then it is possible to book a wait & return. If you are attending an appointment (e.g. Medical, Dental, Veterinary), going shopping or popping into the pharmacy, please book your return trip separately when you know what your return pick-up time will be.
  • Can you arrange for collections from more than one location?
    Yes of course. Just let us know any pick-up locations along your route when you book.
  • How can I pay for my taxi?
    You are welcome to use any of these payment methods: 1. Cash 2. Air Pay / Google Pay - We will send a link for this option via SMS when your driver is on his way. 3. Mobile App - Register your card on our booking app as the default payment method for any trips you book. 4. Contactless Payment - Please request a driver with a Card Reader to pay securely with your Chip & PIN debit / credit card. 5. Pop in or call our office to make a payment by card. Please ask your driver if you would like a written receipt. If you make a contactless payment by Card Reader, you can also request an email receipt.
  • Can I get a quote?
    Of course! Please call our office on 01271 322922 or email us at Please provide the following information to enable us to give you the best possible fare for your trip. 1. Lead Passenger - Full Name & Mobile Number 2. Pick-up Date & Time 3. Pick-up Address (or What3Words location) 4. Destination Address (or What3Words location) 5. No. of Passengers 6. Any special assistance required? 7. Any luggage? Suitcases, bags, pram, wheelchair, walker etc. If you are looking for an Airport Transfer quote, please provide your Flight Number and Arrival/Departure Time too.
  • How do you calculate taxi fares?
    Our rates are governed by North Devon District Council. The fare for any journey will vary depending on the time and day you travel. There are also different rates for 1 to 4 passengers and 5 to 6 passengers.
  • What features do your taxis have?
    Our new fleet includes nine beautiful Toyota Prius Plus Hybrids. Each car has capacity for 6 Passengers, and comes with all the gadgets and gizmos you might expect to make any journey a pleasure. Super comfortable leather seats, air-conditioning, tinted rear-windows, paparazzi proof sunscreens in the rear doors, and a careful A1 Taxi Driver all come as standard. The rear luggage compartment is huge, and more than capable of accommodating wheelchairs, walkers, trolleys, suitcases, surfboards or your monthly shop.
  • My address is not listed on Google Maps. How will my driver find me?
    No problem! You can either provide us with directions from the nearest recognisable waypoint, or give us your precise What3Words location. Whether you need us to pick you up from a remote barn on a farm, an unlisted cottage, or a specific spot in a forest or car-park, you can use What3Words to let us know exactly where you'll be.
  • Can you always get to me on time?
    We make every effort to get your taxi to you on time. We monitor traffic, roadworks and flight times, and our drivers provide us with live updates of unexpected delays or incidents while they are on the road. Occasionally, our drivers may be delayed if they have been providing extra assistance to the previous passenger, or if the previous passenger was delayed coming out, and during peak periods. As locals well know, an accident on one road or a bridge closure can quickly gridlock Barnstaple, but we will always do the best we can.
  • Are there any limitations regarding the number of passengers or luggage?
    Each of our Toyota Prius Plus Hybrids can accommodate a maximum of 6 passengers. With the two rear seats folded down, each car has a capacity for 4 passengers with plenty of room to accommodate collapsible wheelchairs, walking aids, trolleys, prams, suitcases, or a month's worth of shopping. The three seats in the middle row can also be folded down individually, so there is plenty of scope for accommodating a surfboard or two too. If you are not sure if your combination of passengers & luggage wiill fit, please call our office and we'll be happy to advise.
  • Can you pick me up from the train station?
    Yes of course. If you're arriving in Barnstaple by train, or need a transfer from Tiverton Parkway, we can have one of our drivers ready to meet you. We're also on hand to get you to the train on time too! If you are travelling during peak periods or very early/late in the day, we recommend that you prebook your taxi a day or two in advance to ensure availability.
  • Can I book an Airport Transfer with A1 Taxis?
    Absolutely! We'll ask you for some extra info including your Arrival/Departure Flight Details and provide you with a competetive quote. Please book in advance if you can to ensure availability for transfers to or from any UK mainland airport. Bristol Airport | Exeter Airport | Heathrow | Gatwick and more...
  • How will I find my driver at the airport?
    If you're landing at Heathrow or Gatwick, your driver will aim to be in your terminal's Arrivals Hall about 30-40 minutes after your flight has landed. As you enter the Arrivals Hall, you should see your driver holding an A1 Taxis sign, or a board with your name on it. If you're landing at Bristol Airport, you will receive an SMS from your driver to let you know they have arrived. When you have collected your baggage and are ready to leave the terminal, please SMS or call your driver to let them know. You can then follow the signs to the Express Drop-off & Pick-up zone which is just a few minutes walk. Your driver will meet you there shortly after. Here is a precise What3Words location for the Express Drop-off & Pick-up meeting area.
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